CoralPor­™ 1000 Porous Glass Frits

Porous glass frits are, in many cases, the best material for use as reference electrode junctions. They offer relatively low electrical resistance and low leakage. In older literature, porous Vycor® made by Corning was cited. However, several years ago Corning discontinued making porous Vycor®. A similar material is available from Schott Glass, CoralPor™ 1000. These tips can be attached to glass tubes by heat shrink FEP tubing. Frit size is approximately 1/8″ (3.1 mm) diameter and 1/8″ (3.1 mm) length.

Note that these frits are not recommended for solutions that readily dissolve glass, such as strongly basic solutions.

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EC-1175 Package of 5 pieces of CoralPor™ 1000 and 5 pieces of heat shrink FEP tubing. $80.00 Out of Stock

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