Emergent Instruments, Inc. joins the Ariba® Networked Economy

West Lafayette, IN, February 20, 2013 – Emergent Instruments, Inc. has joined the Ariba® Networked Economy (www.Ariba.com).

www.Ariba.comAriba connects more than 200,000 companies and 94 of the Fortune 100 into a collaborative network that increases business process efficiency. Now, Emergent customers and suppliers can streamline procurement and commerce activities through the Ariba service. Emergent joins the network in order to provide this excellent alternative to its business partners.

About Emergent Instrumets, Inc.
Emergent Instruments has been founded, funded and opened for operations by a local team of engineers, all from the Greater Lafayette, IN area. The company specializes in electrochemical and analytical laboratory instrumentation. Emergent Instruments is currently providing service, repair and maintenance to automated laboratory instrumentation. Meanwhile, they have development underway on a series of products they will manufacture and service locally.

To learn more about Emergent Instruments, Inc. or to follow along on their new journey, visit their website: www.EmergentInstuments.com

Contact Information:
Cortland Starrett, CEO
Emergent Instruments, Inc.
1192 East Dollar Court
Brookston, Indiana 47923



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